Klokhuis – Kraak de Code by NTR

Klokhuis is a highly acclaimed educational television series that has achieved immense popularity among Dutch viewers since its inception on January 3, 1988. As a filmmaker, I had the privilege of producing a series of short features on the origins and development of codes. The segments explore the evolution of various types of codes such as postal codes, QR codes, and color codes, among others. The shooting took place in a theater, with the team bringing along a plethora of props, creating a unique lighting challenge, given the limited crew of just three individuals. The resulting series is a testament to the hard work and creativity required to produce engaging and informative content.

Kraak de Code consists of 6 short 3-minute parts. Which were used in 6 different TV episodes. Check the links below for the separate episodes (Dutch):

QR Codes
Postal Codes
Color Codes
Morse Code

Presenter: Pascal Tan & Tirsa With
Director: Eef Hilgers
Cinematographer: Sjoerd Wess
Sound: Sebastiaan Dijkstra
Producer: Dominiek Beltman
Junior Producer: Judith Pauli
Production Assistant: Emily Gruben
Editorial: Dayinta Perrier

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    NTR | NPO