By The Seaside by Sony

By The Seaside is about the life of Alin, a young surfer girl born in Indonesia. She lives on a remote island in the Indian Ocean that is surrounded by some of the world’s best waves, an abundance of coconuts and fresh fish, and a great atmosphere. This short film showcases Alin’s journey in surfing, from her early days exploring the sport to becoming a professional who knows how to navigate the waves with ease.

Director: Sjoerd Wess
DoP: Wouter Boes & Sjoerd Wess
Young girl: Alin Zeflin
Older girl: Cinta Hansel
Fixer/Producer: Eiren Natasya
Producer: Ben Roose
Producer: Ray Wilcoxen
Sound Design: Marvey Izijk

Thanks to:
Sony Europe
Sony Nederland
Driftwood Mentawai
Kandui Resorts
All the captains & boat people at the Mentawais
Oscar James (oscrjms_)

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