Street dogs of Huanchaco

During my travels in Huanchaco, Peru, four years ago, I noticed one slightly annoying thing. Street dogs. Even though I am a huge dog-lover and dog-owner, the street dogs are somehow dangerous. I got chased, barked at, bitten. Four years later I’ve returned to Huanchaco to surf, chill and focus on my dream of becoming a videographer. One thing that caught my attention right away was the huge decrease in street dogs. Only a few days later, after noticing the big difference, I met Mateo. Mateo worked as a volunteer in Huanchaco Al Rescate, a dog shelter in Huanchaco. In this short documentary-style video, he explains what the main purpose of a dog shelter is, also you can see the amount of love he has for the dogs. I would love to encourage everyone to go out there and try to do something back for the community of Huanchaco or any place you’re staying. The two hours it took to swim and play with the dogs, was a huge help to Ursula, who runs the shelter.

Note that this video was shot without the use of any additional lighting equipment, hence the quality.

Sjoerd Wess
Sjoerd Wess