I'm Sjoerd!

Nice to meet you!

I started out as a kid, filming my buddies skateboarding. I was that kid who still tried nailing the kickflip, while my friends flipped down 8 stairs. This, though, gave me the opportunity to film what they did and, in doing so, get better at it. I quickly discovered a talent for finding compositions and searching for interesting angles to improve the image.

Now, many years later, I hardly ever film skateboarding. I use it as a tool to get smoother shots, but that’s about it. I do however practice the amazing art form of filmmaking every day, which is the best feeling there is.

My main interest lay in documentary filmmaking. Storytelling combined with beautiful and strong visuals. My extreme-sports background also enables me to film in harsh conditions, such as on tall mountain peaks or in strong cold oceans.

Over the past years, I got to work with amazing clients which has allowed me to live my dream. To everyone putting their trust in me, thank you!

Sjoerd on a boat in Indonesia shooting with an underwater housing